My Successes

Successful Brand Extensions Developed by Brand Extension Research

My Brand Extension Gerber Infant Formula

In my study of the Carnation and Nestle’ brands, infant formula was identified as a natural brand extension for Carnation. As a result, Carnation Good Start Infant Formula was launched. Because Nestle’, the owner of the Carnation brand is the world’s largest infant formula manufacturer, they wanted to enter the U.S. market. Once Nestle’ purchased the Gerber company, the formula was rebranded Gerber Good Start.

My Brand Extension Buitoni Refrigerated Pasta

My brand extension study of Contadina identified a new category for pasta and sauce – refrigerated. These “fresh” versions were tested in markets with a high concentration of Italian families. The results were so positive that the company launched the product line. Eventually, the line was rebranded Buitoni, an international brand of dry pasta.

My Brand Extension Clorox Clean-Up

As described in my case example of Clorox, I made the recommendation that Clorox would be a strong brand of disinfectant for a variety of product categories. The first product launched was Clorox Clean-Up. This was a cleaner with bleach that cleans, removes stains and disinfects.

My Brand Extension Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

A companion to Clorox Clean-Up was a disinfecting cleaner specifically designed for the bathroom. Bathrooms have a significant concentration of germs. This cleaner cuts through soap scum and kills germs at the same time.

My Brand Extension Reese’s Peanut Butter

Reese’s is a familiar brand of candy containing chocolate covered peanut butter. In my brand extension research for Hershey, the owner of the Reese’s brand, peanut butter was a natural brand extension. A peanut butter and chocolate version was explored with consumers. However, most thought that this would limit the appeal to children. As a result, I recommended launching as a creamy version of only peanut butter.

My Brand Extension Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Once it was understood how Clorox bleach would be perceived of as effective as a disinfectant, categories were explored where this would be desired. The toilet bowl is obviously one area where the disinfectant benefit was important. As a result, I recommended Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Clorox Toilet Bowl Drop-ins.

My Brand Extension Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clorox Bleach & Blue was launched as an automatic toilet bowl  cleaner and sanitizer.

My Brand Extension Dole Fruit Bars

In a brand extension study of the Dole brand, frozen fruit bars was identified as a natural brand extension. Consumers allowed fruit items from Dole beyond pineapple. The all natural benefit fit the Dole brand well.

My Brand Extension Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Mars commissioned me to conduct brand extension studies for Snickers and M&Ms. Consumers agreed that a new product could still be considered a Snickers if it retained the nuts, caramel and chocolate coating. As a result, replacing the nougat with ice cream was acceptable. In fact, consumers were even excited about such a product. Snickers Ice Cream Bars were launched.

My Brand Extension Dole Refrigerated Fruit Juice

Dole had canned pineapple juice. The brand extension study I conducted revealed an opportunity to launch various Dole pineapple blends. A brand extension of Dole included a range of fruit juice combinations in a refrigerated juice format.

My Brand Extension Armor All Car Wax

Armor All is a brand of protectant for dashboards, bumpers and other automotive surfaces. In my brand extension work, consumers said paint protection was a natural extension. As a result, the company launched Armor All Car Wax.